• Madrid Investment Attraction

Madrid Investment Attraction plays an active role in the second edition of Madrid Platform

On 23, 24, and 25 May, the II edition of Madrid Platform will be held at Cibeles Palace in Madrid. This is a unique event that will turn the Spanish capital into a leading international business hub between Europe and Latin America with more than 600 companies and 9,600 attendees from 60 countries taking part.

The project was launched by the director general of Madrid Platform and president and founder of the consultancy firm MSH-Global, Carlos Morales, with the support of Miguel Ángel Redondo, Madrid’s Councillor for the Economy, Innovation, and Employment. It is now established as a natural meeting place for thousands of European and Latin American companies and an international and multi-sector business revolution, with Madrid at the very heart.

Madrid Platform provides a real boost for the economy and business, bringing together companies from different sectors and generating synergies between them to achieve greater productivity, projection, and the creation of quality employment. Through the Platform, Madrid becomes the centre of international business activity, providing a bridge between thousands of American and European companies that will generate multiple opportunities for development.

In addition, during the afternoon of 25 May, Madrid Investment Attraction has organised a series of different workshops to present Madrid’s enterprise ecosystem and each of its clusters.

_ MADRID FINTECH: Madrid is connected to the major fintech capitals of the Mediterranean, Europe, the Americas, and Asia. The FinTech MAD cluster is the largest open financial innovation space in Europe organised in terms of public/private partnerships with start-ups and the financial sector.

_MADRID E-HEALTH: Spain’s pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry has become one of the most dynamic and competitive sectors in the international arena. Madrid has been particularly successful in recent years at creating an integrated healthcare ecosystem, with an extensive network of public and private hospitals, leading rankings for health reputation, state-of-the-art research centres, and universities.

_ MADRID URBAN SOLUTIONS LABORATORY: Madrid is driving economic and social growth in Spain.  In the first three quarters of 2021, a total of 18,000 trade operations were carried out in Madrid, representing 24% of the national total. In terms of foreign investment, Madrid is receiving 66% of foreign capital inflows. Furthermore, more than 1800 Spanish companies have relocated to Madrid. Madrid is an international hub as a business and investment ecosystem, which translates into new ways of designing the city: more sustainable, innovative.

_ MADRID BIG DATA: Madrid ticks all the boxes in terms of technology, employment, and quality of life to project an image of the European capital of digital enabling technologies.

_ MADRID CYBERSECURITY: Major players in the field of cybersecurity have a strong presence in Madrid, which is also home to the main corporate centres of the country’s most relevant economic sectors, as well as security infrastructures.

_ MADRID LOGISTICS: At the workshop, professionals and organisations will offer their reflections, experiences, and recommendations on their activities in the city of Madrid. All with the aim of helping potential new investors, especially from the Latin American community.

Click here to see the workshop programme: https://madridplatform.com/programa-madrid-platform-2022/