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Robert Assink (Interxion): “It is now a fact that Madrid is a key connectivity hub in southern Europe. The concentration of data centers in Madrid attracts many companies that provide digital services”

Robert Assink is the general manager in Spain of the data center company Interxion. Founded in 1998 in the Netherlands, Interxion arrived in Spain in 2000 and integrated with the American Digital Realty in 2020. In Madrid, Interxion has four centers. Mr. Assink has run the firm in Spain since its inception and knows the […]

FDI flows received by Madrid in 2022 amounted to €17.2 billion, leading once again the reception of foreign investment in Spain

lobal Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) was marked in 2022 by economic instability, uncertainty in financial markets, and the war in Europe. Indeed, a year which was meant to bring the post-pandemic recovery and the reopening of international markets, was instead characterized by geopolitical instability, high rates of inflation and high interest rates, on the one hand, and war, trade and technological leadership tensions on the other, all of which had a negative impact on cross-border investment decisions.



“Madrid is a vibrant, cosmopolitan with excellent infrastructure and talent” Rosalba Zepeda, president of IQ digital

DKK partners to set up new office in Madrid

Madrid recorded 17.226 billion euros in foreign investment in 2022, making it the leading destination for inbound investment in Spain

Foreign Fintech companies choose Madrid to set up their business

Quim Martínez (Mastercard): “Madrid should be promoted as the best city in the world to combine office and remote work.”