• Madrid Investment Attraction

Madrid Investment Attraction continues to build on its international expansion, opening a new office in London

Madrid Investment Attraction (MIA), the Office for Foreign Investment Attraction affiliated to Madrid’s City Department for the Economy, has just opened its new London office, which will be working to find, identify, and attract foreign businesses looking to expand internationally, in the hopes of bringing their projects to Madrid.

This new office, like those opened previously in Miami and Mexico City, aims to promote Madrid as a potential destination for investments by building relationships with companies in strategic sectors and key economic agents in the mobilisation of foreign investment.

“This office seeks to promote Madrid’s economic space in the UK, identify and contact English companies that may have an interest in developing their businesses in Madrid, as well as identify and recruit opinion leaders with the capacity to influence the English economic community to attract new business opportunities,” said Madrid’s deputy mayor Begoña Villacis, during the presentation. This new service aims above all to operate with “sectors that offer high added value and a high technological component such as fintech, cybersecurity, big data, digital health, and the video gaming industry,” she added.

British companies are an important source of employment, maintaining close to 50,000 direct jobs in Madrid. In addition, the number of British subsidiaries in the city is in excess of 1,100, and more than 3,900 companies are controlled by British capital. Almost 1,500 of these companies are based in the city of Madrid.