• Madrid Investment Attraction

“In Madrid, there are initiatives to promote business incubation and start-ups, along with a great willingness and openness that highlight the city’s tremendous potential”

We interviewed Julio Di Bella, Co-Founder and Vice President of Communication at El Gran Bajio and President of Impulsando Entre Todos, during her visit to Madrid to learn about the capital’s entrepreneurial ecosystem

What, in your opinion, are the competitive advantages of Madrid as an investment destination compared to other European cities?

For Mexican and Latin American companies looking to invest in Europe, Madrid is an excellent gateway to the European market since it shares the same language and a series of cultural elements that make it “friendlier” in terms of setting up businesses, chiefly in the City of Madrid, and attracting Latin American expats to the continent. So setting up business here can be achieved in a swift, strategic, and structured way.

What is your impression of Madrid’s business climate and what possibilities do you see for Mexican investments in Madrid?

 Having visited Madrid on numerous occasions over many years, I see the city has changed profoundly. It is cleaner than it was in the past, and the investments made in urban infrastructure are noticeable, the streets and avenues have improved, the historic centre is better preserved, and there are more pedestrian areas, mobility services have improved markedly, the business climate is unbeatable, there are initiatives to promote business incubation and start-ups, along with a great willingness and openness that highlight the city’s tremendous potential, there is great enthusiasm and a sense of belonging for the projects and for the city.

Which area of bilateral collaboration offers the greatest potential for development?

 The opportunities that are instantly recognisable are in the audiovisual, video gaming, and creative industries, as well as content creation, thanks to the development of ecosystems designed within the ICT sector. In this sector, you can forge links with Mexican companies that have already made the decision to come and invest but which do not yet know about the competitive advantages we have seen on this trip.

The sectors that offer the greatest potential are cyber security and mobility, and there are companies in Mexico looking to expand operations and make strategic alliances to provide services in Madrid, Spain, as well as to expand talent and innovation with Madrid as a hub.

In your opinion, which are the most advanced and/or competitive sectors of the Madrid ecosystem?

 Mobility and sustainability, aerospace, video gaming, content creation and management, gastronomy and tourism, industry 4.0

Which features of Madrid’s social, cultural and economic life would you highlight?

Well-informed citizens, with an outstanding cultural level, multiculturalism that promotes the arrival of foreigners, a European city with excellent quality of life, suitable infrastructure and population size, which all make it a very attractive destination in terms of cost-benefit.

The fact that Madrid has investor support offices like MIA, do you think that is beneficial when it comes to investors choosing Madrid as their investment destination?

Absolutely. The support that Mexican companies get from Mexico through the office there is key to achieving a real expansion plan in Spain from the “comfort” of the head office in Mexico. Saving on operational and implementation costs with the certainty of an experienced and strategic organisation.