• Madrid Investment Attraction

The new office of foreign Investment Assistance of the Madrid City Council

Madrid is a modern, prosperous and attractive city, a fantastic place to live and work. We have a city full of opportunities and we want companies from all over the world to know the excellent environment that Madrid has to offer in order to start up new projects.

Madrid is committed to sustainability and convinced that the future model is to make compatible the different uses of urban space. A habitable, clean, friendly and welcoming residential environment, in orderly coexistence with a prosperous productive system and generator of quality employment. The City Council supports that people in Madrid should share the enormous benefits that Madrid can offer with the companies installed here, and that together we work to make it a truly sustainable and balanced city.

We think that there are not a lot of places in the world that combine the advantages that Madrid offers today to any business project. The excellent connections, the good training of its citizens, the enormous talent that the city treasures and our quality of life that other countries value so much make Madrid a great location of interest for any company.

This is shown by statistics on foreign investment. According to the existing data, Madrid, as if it were a huge magnet, attracts more than half of all the investment that arrives in Spain.

From the City Council we have thought that we can promote, favor and order the entry of foreign companies that enrich our productivity and generate employment and economic activity in Madrid. For this we have launched the Office of Foreign Investment Assistance. We want, on the one hand, to facilitate the arduous process of landing and starting the economic activity in a new country and, on the other hand, we intend to seek and attract to Madrid those business projects that best fit the model of city that we are all building: dynamic and innovative companies, intensive in knowledge, that generate a lot of added value and that appreciate the citizen talent. Companies, that not only value this sustainable and friendly Madrid, but that they want to commit themselves in the development of a better city for all.

M.I.A., Madrid Investment Attraction, the municipal office of investment attraction, is located in the square of Jacinto Benavente 2, and has an expert team that offers advice and free guidance to any foreign company or investor that may have an interest in establishing itself in our city. In addition, the office offers a free soft landing space for those business projects that may need accommodation during their first months in the city, to facilitate the entire installation process and start the activity.

We trust that these efforts, which come to join those already coming in this field both the State Administration, through Invest in Spain, and the Community of Madrid, with Invest in Madrid, will be welcomed by foreign companies.

Manuela Carmena Castrillo

Mayoress of Madrid