• Madrid Investment Attraction

Logistics hub in Southern Europe

  • 15% of Spain’s logistics job offers are based in Madrid
  • 52% of all air freight in Spain managed by Madrid-Barajas airport
  • 700 kms, no more than 9 hours drive, from any spot in the Iberian Peninsula

Madrid is located in the geographic and logistical center of the Iberian Peninsula: less than 700 kms, no more than nine hours drive, from any point in the Iberian Peninsula with its population of 47 million. It’s the only position that allows delivering goods to any place in Spain and Portugal in less than 24 hours (Madrid Plataforma Logística), making Madrid one of the most valuable logistics hubs in Europe.

Madrid is the center for most transport networks in Spain with the radial motorway and railway networks centralised and departing from here. Madrid-Barajas airport is also biggest, best-connected international airport in Spain.

Madrid-Barajas airport manages 52% of all air freight in Spain.

There are 15 railroad logistical facilities in the Madrid area, including two of the largest five in the country: Abroñigal and Vicálvaro which between them operate 11,000 goods trains per year.

Mercamadrid is the largest food distribution center in Spain, and the biggest perishable food market in Europe, supplying to 12 million people within a 500 km range. Its fish market is the second largest in the world, only beaten by Tokyo.

The Dry Port provides a direct connection between the Spanish inland and its main freight seaports.

In total, the Madrid area is the second largest logistical cluster in Spain. 14% of the road transport surface in Spain is concentrated around Madrid (Observatorio del Transporte y la Logística) and there is over 4 million m² of covered logistical surface.

Gathering infrastructure, clients, partners and professionals in the one place, Madrid is the ideal location for logistics business in Spain.

15% of Spain’s logistics job offers are based in Madrid (Servicio Público de Empleo Estatal).

As the key retail hub of the Iberian Peninsula, most large companies have their distributions centres in Madrid including global leaders both in transport (SEUR, UPS, DHL, Luis Simoes, CEVA Logistics, Maersk, Schenker) and in goods storage and distribution (One 2 One, Ikea, Inditex, El Corte Inglés). Amazon has a space for its Prime Now service in the city and two warehouses in Madrid’s metropolitan area.

Servicing this retail hub are the main subsectors related to goods transport. In particular, the largest companies are concentrated in Madrid::

Subsector % of companies % of companies with more than 50 employees
Railway 37% 75%
Aerial 51% 67%
Storage 16% 26%

Source: Instituto Nacional de Estadística

Spain’s transport and logistics sector is very attractive to foreign investors and foreign involvement in these companies is increasing. Companies under international control make up over one third of the sector’s turnover (Alimarket) and the trading volume of logistics surface reaches record highs each year (BNP Paribas Real Estate).