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Madrid accounted for 64.7% of foreign investment in Spain in the first nine months of 2022

The latest figures reported by the Register of Foreign Investments (RIE) for the first three quarters of 2022 point to 14.534 billion in investment in Madrid (5.656 billion in the first quarter, 5.606 in the second, and 3.272 in the third), 64.7% of the total in Spain. Figures from this period of 2022 show that 48% of investments were in expansion operations (reinvestments of established foreign companies), 31% in acquisitions, and 21% in new investments (greenfield/brownfield projects). These numbers are 28% higher than the average of the same period in the last decade (2012-2021).

In addition, according to figures from FDI Markets, the pace of investment in the first nine months of 2022 continued to grow. 151 new projects were announced, with an associated investment of 4.264 billion dollars, a figure already higher than for the whole of 2021, and the generation of 14,142 jobs.

Origin of investment in Madrid:

In the first three quarters of 2022, considering the last country (the one in which the chain of ownership comes to an end), the biggest investments were made by the United States (4.935 billion) with significant investments in Machinery Manufacturing, Telecommunications and Tile Manufacturing, the United Kingdom (3.329 million, with strong investments in Laliga), and Australia (1.236 million, with investments in the mining sector and expansion of IFM operations in the energy sector). Four other countries – Germany, France, Canada, and Austria – exceeded the 500 million mark in the period.

 Job creation linked to foreign investment

Madrid has also led the recovery of employment levels linked to foreign investment in Spain, although the pandemic has slowed the progression of recent years. In spite of this, Madrid accounts for 30.2% of national employment in foreign companies.

More than 12,800 foreign companies are now based in the wider Region of Madrid, with 77% in the Spanish capital itself.

Madrid demonstrates its appeal for foreign investment

As noted by Miguel Ángel Redondo, Madrid’s City Councillor for Economics  “At Madrid Investment Attraction (MIA), we worked throughout the year to continue positioning Madrid as the best option for foreign investment. In addition, we have opened new offices in London and Mexico City to continue attracting investment and talent from these strategic locations.”

The mission of Madrid Investment Attraction is to help and support all companies looking to set up in Madrid, ensuring their growth and integration in the local ecosystem with a view to maximising their contribution to the local economy and society.