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Madrid City Council Introduces Virtual One Stop Shop for International Investors to Facilitate Foreign Investment

The Madrid City Council, in its unwavering commitment to public-private collaboration and its openness to international investment, has launched a tool to bolster the internationalization of Madrid’s economy and create user-centric public services: the Virtual One Stop Shop for International Investors, through Madrid Investment Attraction (MIA) in collaboration with Forum for Madrid.

Serving as the go-to resource for foreign investors eyeing Madrid, the Virtual International Investment Window is a user-friendly platform that offers clear, concise, and contextualized information in both Spanish and English.

In this initial phase, the Virtual One Stop Shop for International Investors provides foreign companies with essential guidance on administrative procedures necessary for establishing operations in Madrid, including company formation and visa acquisition. The window also serves as a gateway to Madrid Investment Attraction’s services and programs, connecting investors with the necessary resources and collaborators to facilitate their investment journey.

With the launch of the Virtual One Stop Shop for International Investors, Madrid Investment Attraction, in partnership with Forum for Madrid, solidifies its position as a leader in investment facilitation, contributing to Madrid’s reputation as an attractive destination for global investors, bolsters the positioning of Madrid’s economic landscape on the global stage and enhances the local business climate.

MIA is committed to further enhancing the utility and breadth of the one stop shop by progressively integrating information on additional investor procedures, with the ultimate goal of transforming it into a transactional platform.