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Settle in Madrid:
 Creating industrial plants

Madrid City Council is committed to simplifying red tape so that establishing a new industrial facility in Madrid is easier, faster and cheaper than in other Spanish cities and ahead of the EU average.

Creating industrial facilities

Besides the general procedures to incorporate a company, a range of other activities must be undertaken before beginning operations at a new industrial plant, both with the public and private sectors. This may include planning permissions or activities related to water supply and sanitation, energy, permissions and insurances regarding pollution or hazardous activities, etc.

Procedures in Madrid

In Spain, the procedures to set up a warehouse can take, on average, 208 days and require over 15 separate activities. Although this is in line with the EU and developed countries, in Madrid it is possible to obtain a building and activity licence within the comparatively short timeframe of 120-150 days.

Madrid council support

To make procedures faster, in Madrid a company can do them either with a public or private entity. Madrid Investment Attraction helps foreign companies to make procedures as simple as possible.

Types of proceedings

To build an industrial building, there are proceedings that are necessary to start construction, and afterwards proceedings to start operations. These proceedings involve public administration, private companies and the College of Architects.

Proceedings before construction

These proceedings can take 122 days approximately. They include: a land use study, official alignment, topographical study and planning permission. Construction time is not included.

Proceedings after construction

These proceedings can take 86 days approximately. They include: work center opening, after obtaining the occupation and operation permission (that requires a construction completion certificate from the construction director, endorsed by the professional College, and an inspection), requesting water supply and registering the building in the land registry and national cadaster.
Obtaining electricity supply may take 5 proceedings and 90 days, that may overlap the other proceedings.