• Madrid Investment Attraction

  • Madrid has a powerful audio-visual and video game industry, with a long history of developments and productions behind it.
  • Well-trained and prestigious professionals. Great technical, artistic and creative ability.
  • Privileged characteristics to attract talent and host ecosystems based on digital technologies
  • Internationalized industry with strong connections to international markets.
  • Madrid is the great Spanish-speaking hub for the creative and audiovisual industries, acting as a node for the rest of the national industry and as a launching pad for the Spanish industry in international video game markets.
  • Madrid has powerful and well-established local studios, such as Mercury Steam (Castlevania, Metroid) or Tequila Works (Rime, Deadlight, GYLT), as well as top-tier international companies employing hundreds of developers in the city (EA, Epic Games, Saber Interactive, 2K, Unity3D, etc.).
  • Madrid has around 100 small studios and indie teams, a good part of them made up of graduates from the growing number of training programs in the city.
  • The audio-visual sector is considered strategic, and is backed by a support plan of more than 1.6 billion €. Companies in the sector can take advantage of the different tax deductions available for R&D and innovation, as well as benefit from specific support and financing programs.