• Madrid Investment Attraction

Due to its innovation system and the availability of human resources, due to its business activity, specialized financial and support services, its geostrategic position and its cutting-edge infrastructures, including those in the financial field, Madrid is the ideal location for Fintech companies.

  • Spain has a diversified, modern, competitive financial system that is fully integrated into international financial markets
  • The Spanish financial market is endowed with great transparency, liquidity and efficiency, with a compensation and settlement model of recognized prestige. This is essential for opening up the sector to new players.
  • Madrid is one of the main European cities in terms of the most promising prospects for investment in start-ups, technology and innovation.
  • Madrid is the headquarters of 3 large financial institutions (Santander, BBVA, Mapfre) with more than 250 million clients in more than 30 countries. The main Spanish regulatory agencies (CNMV, CNMC, Banco de España, Directorate General of Insurance, FNMT) are concentrated here.
  • In addition, Madrid is the headquarters of multilateral institutions with a presence in Spain(IDB, CAF,Latibex, OEI, FIAB, the Ibero-American Securities Markets Institute, etc.)
  • Madrid is the nerve center of Fintech and Insurtech institutions and associations in Europe and Latin America (Euro Fintech Alliance, Fintech Iberoamerica, Spanish Fintech and Insurtech Association, MAD Fin tech cluster, etc.).
  • The Madrid City Council has defined Fintech as a strategic sector for the city and, consequently, is willing to facilitate the establishment of Fintech companies.
  • The existence of a Fintech Cluster, with first-rate national and international companies, universities, research centres, State institutions linked to the financial sector and incubators helps to attract new actors to the sector.
  • Madrid’s Fintech companies have penetrated all business niches, making Madrid the 4th city in the world with the highest number of Fintech companies
  • Madrid is home to 3 of the main Business Schools worldwide (IESE, IE and ESADE), and has top-level entrepreneurship, business management and specific training programs in Fintech and Insurtech. Likewise, Madrid has the best STEM professionals (engineers, specialists in digital marketing, cybersecurity, UX, or Bigdata, analysts, etc.).