• Madrid Investment Attraction
  • Spain is the second largest European economy and seventh in the world in terms of cybersecurity maturity.
  • Large presence in Madrid of the main actors in the field of cybersecurity and the main corporate centres of the most relevant economic sectors in the country, as well as security infrastructures
  • Madrid is the capital and the biggest city of Spain, as well as the headquarters of the main Spanish institutions, companies and research centres
  • Strong presence of national headquarters of large multinationals, both Spanish and foreign, advanced business services companies and companies in strategic high-technology sectors (aerospace, pharmaceutical-biotechnology, ICTs) that make intensive use of data and demand cybersecurity services.
  • Strong demand from cybersecurity services companies, and growing demand for professionals by companies, who are increasingly aware of the importance of cybersecurity
  • For the City Council, Cybersecurity is a strategic sector and it is committed to the arrival of new projects in this area, offering aid and incentives, land, institutional support for public-private initiatives, etc.
  • The existence of a Cybersecurity Cluster, with leading national and international companies, universities, research centres, as well as State institutions linked to defence and security and incubators, helps to attract new actors to the sector and encourages activity in the sector and collaboration between agents.
  • Seven public universities and 11 private universities, with a range of specialized degrees and post graduate courses in cybersecurity, as well as programs specifically designed for companies with a broad student base.