• Madrid Investment Attraction
  • Spain is one of the most interesting emerging markets in the field of data, with Madrid as one of the main interconnection hubs.
  • Home to Spain’s main institutions, companies and research centres, and has the necessary critical mass to make the investments made profitable.
  • Strong presence of national headquarters of large multinationals, both Spanish and foreign, advanced business services companies and companies in strategic high-tech sectors (aerospace, pharmaceutical-biotechnology, ICTs), intensive in data and information use and with a high export component.
  • Madrid is becoming the main telecommunications and data hub in Southern Europe.
  • Madrid is home to acritical mass of leading data centre companies: Interxion, Data4, DatacenterDynamics, Equinix, Global Switch, IMasons,Digital Realty, AdamEcotech, Quark and S4U, etc.
  • Large multinationals have recently announced large deployments for their cloud regions in Spain (Microsoft, Google, Amazon, IBM, Oracle, etc.) generating an additional ecosystem around their datacentres.
  • Madrid is home to large-scale manufacturing activities, colocation and cloud providers, the centre of national government and is the hub for financial and insurance services.
  • The presence of IT infrastructure and service providers in the city is very relevant (Atos, Broadcom, Cisco, Dell, Fujitsu, HPE, IBM, Juniper Networks,Lenovo, etc.), accompanied by a growing number of data startups (Carto, Brainsins, Datmean, Synergic Partners,Stratio, Bitext, Datary, Clarity ..)